Honorary co-working

Your volunteering with Exil


Honorary work at Exil is as diverse as the association itself. With us, you can actively promote people with a flight or migration history feel accepted in Osnabrück. Your voluntary engagement is an important part in ensuring that Osnabrück is a place where all people can experience Exil in all its variety. Your work at Exil is important, so Osnabrück can continue to be a City of Refuge, where all people feel safe.

Our association greatly honours your commitment. We want to offer our support, enabling you to realize your plans and ideas with fun and enthusiasm. Get informed here about our volunteer groups.

Volunteer groups

You are not on your own, engaging with other volunteers in groups, which we present here.

Volunteering – inclusive and sensitive to discrimination!

At Exil, we don’t tolerate forms of social exclusion. We oppose any type of discrimination – like racist remarks, sexist abuse or derogatory talk to people who are unfamiliarly physically or mentally talented or equipped. We are a place of diversity, and we expect you to recognize this diversity as enriching for society and the association.

Mach’s doch selbst!

Mit "Mach's doch selbst!" fördern wir das Ehrenamt. Egal, ob mit oder ohne Fluchterfahrung - mach mit und engagier dich bei uns!

What we offer

We support your engagement. Regularly we offer workshops that contain specialized information, on subjects like “Trauma and Flight”, Intercultural Exchanges”, “Antiracist Courses of Action”, and much more. Use our open hours to get informed about engaging options, take part in our trade-off meetings, and become acquainted with support activities such as our complaint management, child protection concept and the mobile phone for emergencies. We’re receptive to your recommendations, and you make us happy when you tell us what you need to successfully volunteer with Exil.  Great to have you here!

Tipps & Downloads

Für die praktische Arbeit findest du hier wichtige Infos und Materialien, die dir deine ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit erleichtern.




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