The Sunday-Group offers walks, trips and many other outdoor activities on a Sunday once or twice a month. While taking a walk together or having a picnic, easy-going conversations about the weather, mutual interests, cultural characteristics as well as about more serious issues arise between all participants. If you like fresh air and nice company with others, come and join us.

Our aim is to improve and to strengthen the German language in a relaxed atmosphere as well as to explore the new surroundings of Osnabrück and its region together. You will experience the culture of many other countries at the same time.

Guided tours will be given in easy German. During collective activities we emphasize communication among all participants. Permanently changing surroundings provide perfect conditions to revise and apply vocabulary, easier than in classrooms. In particular, new impressions and experiences simplify the extension of German vocabulary for refugees as well as it does the other way around. Also our volunteers can experience foreign languages such as English, French or Arabic.

Our joint activities mainly take place on Sundays, plus sometimes on public holidays. Trips and tours will be announced well in advance. The Sunday-Group is very open so that new and old faces as well as further ideas and suggestions are always very welcome!