We support people with a flight and migration history.

We are available to people with flight and migration history as contact partners, and represent their interests. Being a social and political non-profit association we work to support and shape their life in Germany. We promote living together and stand up for cultural interaction as well as aiming to reduce prejudices and discriminations.

We stand up for their rights.

Independent of social, cultural or religious backgrounds our association advocates for refugees to live a decent and dignified life free from fear here in Germany. We stand up for their rights against the administration and public – independent of the refugees’ current resident status. We also support those who do not have access to comparable services or any offers at all. In order to reach these aims we enlist cooperation and build up networks.

We encourage all people living here to support the improvement of the refugees’ living conditions and with that we offer many and various possibilities of commitment. We want to play an active part in development and change. This aim demands conveying the necessity of an open society. We are politically active and involve ourselves in current discussions and debates.

We promote cultural diversity. We are interested in art and culture from around the world and aim towards making that visible.

We provide proposals for refugees and raise public awareness.

In particular for those refugees who do not have access to advisory service, educational, cultural or social offers, we create alternative arrangements.

Our advisory service serves persecuted and displaced people who are looking for secure residence in Germany. The focus here is on refugee law and immigration law as well as on initial consultation and integration consultation. We share our knowledge.

We provide educational offers for people with a flight and migration history.

We support activities which promote mutual respect and mutual understanding, such as activities which enable the participants’ to develop their skills.

We point out social grievances against the treatment of refugees, and furthermore take position towards asylum and migration policy at local and national level. Public relations are used effectively to transport and inform our fellows about political issues and humanitarian concerns.

We highly appreciate each other.

For us, it is a matter of course that we interact and get along with all people in a respectful way. We work together with people with a flight and migration history, and further encourage them to join in developing our association. This applies to all association members and people whom we support. Our work is done on a voluntary basis and to all involved we offer great scope for ideas and cooperation. We emphasise collective decision making.

We promote respectful interaction and transparency in information exchange within the association. Our engagement is based on open and trustful structures. Including all generations, we aim to accomplish good collaborative work together.

As a learning association we constantly educate ourselves. We want to listen, question, analyse by engaging in dialogue situations. For us, openness, honesty and courage belong to a cooperative culture. Humour and cheerfulness serve as sources of power at our sometimes hard social work.

Our philosophy for downloading