Maan Mouslli and Arezao Naiby are “Newcomers”. Both Arezao and Maan are also filmmakers who fled Afghanistan and Syria and came to Germany. Together, with many others, they are “The Newcomers”. Now living in a country between fear and helpfulness, empathy and neo-fascism – what is it like living here? And what does it actually mean being a “refugee”?

Maan and Arezao travelled all over Germany. They met and filmed other refugees who tell their story and show that “Refugees” are just ordinary people. People with a history. Do we take a look or do we keep our eyes shut? German history reveals many refugees some of whom – such as Thomas Mann, Hannah Arendt, Bertolt Brecht or Hilde Domin – have written articles, poems or letters about their experience in exile. Are there similarities between them and the refugees who live with us now? Do those similarities raise our acceptance and understanding? This is what Maan and Arezao aimed to find out.





Donations for the film project are greatly appreciated. All donations are received by the German Caritas Association under the reference of “5000 Newcomers”.

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