In 2014 we tried to establish an inter-cultural group for gardening in cooperation with the Friedensgarten. Unfortunately, the group did not flourish initially. Single persons appeared to feel uncomfortable to join on their own. However, since 2015 we are back: we are a small inter-cultural group and part of the garden community by now. Together as a small group, we now care for a few beds in the Friedensgarten.


The Friedensgarten is located behind the new playground on the street “Lerchenstraße”, and behind the school Herman-Nohl-Schule, so at the junction of Vehrter Landstraße / Haster Weg.

Friedensgarten on Google Maps

The following bus lines go to the Friedensgarten:
Lines 31, 32, 33 as well as 51, 52, 53
Direction Dodesheide / Nettebad
Bus stop “Haster Weg”.